Real Men Cook

Real Men Cook

Real Men Cook, Arts Outreach’s much anticipated annual fundraiser, combines over 50 amateur male chefs, 35 premier local vintners and brewers, live music and fantastic auction items to create the Santa Ynez Valley’s Party of the Year!  This year’s annual event will take place at Monty and Pat Robert’s Flag is Up Farms was held on Saturday October 21st, 2017 from 6 to 10 pm.

“Real Men Cook” is a fundraiser for the Santa Ynez Valley nonprofit arts organization, Arts Outreach, that is dedicated to “bringing art to life and life to art.” Activities include elementary school classroom workshops and on-going art curriculum led by artists-in-residence; summertime Arts and Drama programs; after school Arts; semi-monthly Elder Arts entertainment; and the annual Applause Young Artists program.

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Real Men Cook 2016 Winners

Entree-Vegetarian:     Matt Fryer, Winner/Jerry Beatty, Runner Up
Entree-Fowl:  Brent Melville, Winner/Greg Wolf, Runner Up
Entree-Meat:   John Tayler, Winner/Morgan Halme & Ray Vazquez,                                 Runner Up/Mark Swanitz & Will Hawkins, Runner                                     Up
Soup/Stew/Chili :  Ron Cline, Winner/Eric Kett, Runner Up
Entree-Seafood:   Greg Weil & Raul Uribe, Winner
Appetizer-Hot:   Robert Santoro & Robert Weatherby, Winner/Matt                                    Drammer & Billy Redell, Runner Up
Appetizer-Cold:  Marty Martinez & Scott Flores, Winner/Joseph                                            Kostrzewa, Runner Up
Salad:   Bill Bentley, Don Hart, & Larry Sommers, Winner/Monte                       Baker & Justin Tevis, Runner Up
Side Dish:  Dennis Beebe & Jim Beebe, Winner/Nick DiCroce,                                        Runner Up
Bread:  Larry Schaffer, Winner/Tommy Jones & Adam Furlow,                           Runner Up
Homebrew/Spirits:  John Porter, Winner/Jason Stormo & Andrew                                                Dowhower, Runner Up