Real Men Cook

Real Men Cook

Real Men Cook, Arts Outreach’s much anticipated annual fundraiser, combines over 50 amateur male chefs, up to 35 premier local vintners and brewers, live music and fantastic auction items to create the Santa Ynez Valley’s Party of the Year!  Interested in being a chef? Click on the link below!


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Real Men Cook 2017 Chefs’ Choice Winners

Entree-Vegetarian:     RMC Troop 41 (Bunke, Mojonnier, Mullin, Knight, Watkins), Winner
Entree-Fowl:  Matt Drammer & Billy Redell, Winner/Sam Thompson & Jimmy Thompson, Runner Up
Entree-Meat:   Rob Petersen & Greg Lowe, Winner/Matt Allen & Stephen Janes, Runner Up
Entree-Seafood:   Buttonwood (Escobar, Flores, Reeves) Winner
Soup/Stew/Chili :  Greg Weil & Raul Uribe, Winner
Appetizer-Hot:   Morgan Halme & Ray Vazquez, Winner/Adrian Bolisoi, Runner Up
Appetizer-Cold:  Dennis Beebe, Winner
Salad:   Chris Burroughs, Winner/David Burkley, Runner Up
Side Dish:  Steve Rein, Winner
Homebrew/Spirits:  Jason Stormo & Andy Dowhower/Tad Bixler, Runner Up
Dessert:  Joseph Kostrzewa, Winner/Mike Brown, Runner Up
Pete Fohl Memorial Food & Wine Pairing:  Larry Schaffer


Real Men Cook 2017 People’s Choice Winners

Entree-Vegetarian:     RMC Troop 41 (Bunke, Mojonnier, Mullin, Knight, Watkins)
Entree-Fowl:  Matt Drammer & Billy Redell
Entree-Meat:   Rob Petersen & Greg Lowe
Entree-Seafood:   Buttonwood (Escobar, Flores, Reeves)
Soup/Stew/Chili :  Chris Mullin
Appetizer-Hot:   Morgan Halme & Ray Vazquez
Appetizer-Cold:  Dennis Beebe
Salad:   David Burkley
Side Dish:  Steve Rein
Homebrew/Spirits:  Jason Stormo & Andy Dowhower
Dessert:  Jeff Linton & Angelo Caciola
Pete Fohl Memorial Food & Wine Pairing: Buttonwood (Escobar, Flores, Reeves)


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